Bulk document review

Upload documents for review

  1. Go to app.advaisor.io/upload-documents,

  2. Define a name of the uploaded documents (this will be displayed later)

  3. Select a folder you you would like to analyze

  4. Drag the folder to the indicated area

  5. Select the language of the uploaded documents

  6. Click “upload”


Format requirement: For automatic processing, the uploaded documents in the folder need to be in .txt format. In case of questions feel free to reach out to hello@advaisor.io.

Review document quality

First overview

  1. Go to app.advaisor.io/document-review-overview

  2. You will see an overview of the key categories analyzed

Detailed review

  1. Go to app.advaisor.io/document-review-details

  2. You will see the table of uploaded documents

  3. Each selected metrics is shown in the table

Sorting of documents

You can sort the documents by Overall Score or by each metric to quickly find mistakes and assess the quality of the document. To do this, just click on

Improve a document

To allow a fast review of the uploaded document, we enable to open a document in the “Realtime Analysis”.

To do this click on the edit icon next to the document name:

Click here for details on the Realtime Analysis.